Sunday, September 21, 2003

Will Run For Beer

The weather for Saturday's 2003 James Page Blubber Run could not have been better. Crystal clear blue skies with temps in the mid-sixties. Perfect running weather. And drinking weather too.

The race began at 10:00am with a shotgun start (although the loud report sounded more like a howitzer being fired). One of of the first sites of interest we passed was Downtown Jay-goo-R, where I caught a glimpse of a few of the premier vehicles that we did not get our promised ride in. Thanks Hugh.

Next we crossed the Hennepin Avenue Bridge , which spans the Mississippi River and connects Downtown with Nordeast. Just a bit further on at River Place, many of the runners stopped for a cold one.

We resisted the siren's call and made the turn to go back across the river, this time on the historic Stone Arch Bridge. Soon we were making our way down the home stretch and the finish line beckoned with the promise of a cessation of our running as well as a couple, two three hard earned beers.

The post race festivities were held at Peavey Plaza which is a beautiful open space in Downtown Minneapolis, right next to Orchestra Hall (the building on the right of the photo). The Plaza is also bordered by modern skyscrapers as well as older, less imposing structures.

In the summer it features a large pool and fountain but by this time of year the pool has been drained and the Blubber Run (as well as the homeless) take advantage of the extra space. Musical entertainment was provided by Tina formerly of the modestly successful local group Tina and the B-Sides.

The Blubber Run is not a real serious racing affair and far more attention is paid to the costumes of the runners than the racing times they turn in. This year's event was one of the hardest to judge and there were many worthy finalists. I'm happy to report that the two 70's tennis stars took the top spot with the peanuts finishing a close second. Afterward one of the peanut gals tried to ease her pain with the deliciously sinful combination of tobacco and beer. No comment as yet from Planters on the inappropriate behavior of one of their role models. You gotta be careful when good legumes go bad.


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